Private Enterprise for Nuclear Industry
Scientific Development “Science and Innovations”

The possibilities of the unique research reactor MBIR were discussed at the Congress of Young Scientists
On December 1, within the framework of the II study of young scientists, I came across the topic: "International Research Center based on the MBIR reactor - a platform for introducing the ideas of young scientists."
Rosatom scientists discussed the development of controlled nuclear fusion and plasma technologies as part of a federal project

JSC "Science and Innovations" is the managing company of the scientific division of the State Corporation "Rosatom". Coordinates the activities of two private institutions and ten scientific institutes and centers that conduct research in the field of nuclear physics, plasma and laser physics, hydrogen energy, nuclear medicine, new materials, adaptive optics, gas, hydro- and thermodynamics, radiochemistry and many others. 

The company was established in 2011 to enhance the innovative development of Rosatom. Among the key tasks are increasing the competitiveness of products and services in the nuclear energy market and in the field of radiation projects through the development of technologies and infrastructure modernization, as well as increasing the efficiency of ongoing research and development, and active commercialization of scientific results.
Rosatom Science Institute prepares infrastructure for future fusion reactor prototype